Since its inception in 1956 Guru Nanak Dev Engineering college has a long tradition of pursuing excellence in technical and research. College decided to create a Alumni Association in March 1969. The major objectives of the Department are to:

  1. establish a link with the GENCO ALUMNI and enroll them as members;
  2. establish liaison between GENCO ALUMNI and similar other associations at the universities in the country and abroad;
  3. raise various endowment funds and award stipends out of it to the deserving students on need-cum-merit basis;
  4. institute and disburse scholarships, fellowships, medals, awards, etc. to the meritorious students of the university out of the corpus of the Association;
  5. impart identity to its members by issuing them with photo-identity cards;
  6. seek donations from alumni and potential donors for promoting various righteous activities of the Association;
  7. suggest ways and means for the participation of the Association in the working of the College;
  8. arrange get together of the alumni and social/cultural functions of the alumni;
  9. send birthday greeting cards to its members to impart personal touch and interaction with them;
  10. honour distinguished GENCOalumni, who have brought national/global acclaim in their respective domains;

Please do allow us to welcome you as a distinguished member of the GENCO ALUMNI by returning the Membership Form, duly completed, with your photograph and valued remittance.